Bet Lab Sports is a tool available to any common sports bettor that enables them to become their own personal handicapper. It’s been called the future of sports betting by some, as it puts all of the information and statistical analysis that professional spots handicappers and bettors use and it puts it into the palm of your hand. This is similar to the analysis and in depth data that Jon Price and his analysts at Sports Information Traders crunch to find inefficiencies in the sports betting markets.

With a very easy to navigate user interface and totally customizable parameters, the Bet Lab Sports app is the most powerful public sports handicapping tool on the market. Not only will it help you to back test strategies but can give you the opportunity to win more consistently with your sports betting picks, but it will also help you maximize your profits on the games with a distinct betting advantage over sqaures in an effort to make you a “sharp” bettor.

The Bet Lab application allows you to create systems with the specific markers you look for in winning picks. For example, one of the commonly used systems is an 80% bets system. This will alert you to any games that have over 80% of the bettors on one particular side of the game. This is usually a dead giveaway that that game is worth your extra attention and likely a sizeable wager, as well. Another commonly used system is the 3-point home dog system, which will alert you to any game where a home team is an underdog by 3 or more points. This is a common marker for a lot of professional bettors as the home team almost always has a decisive advantage, especially when receiving points in the spread. There are exceptions for teams that have weak home attendance and are dominated by fans who travel to support their teams.

Those are just two examples but there are literally hundreds of different pre-programmed systems that you can plug and play with when you use Bet Lab Sports. You can also use multiple systems at once, which will show you which games on any given night match up with the various criteria set by the various betting systems you have in use. So if a game alerts you that it meets 4 system requirements as a strong play, chances are you want to put a very strong wager down on that pick as it has all the signs of being an easy winning betting prediction.

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Furthermore, not only can you use various betting systems that the Bet Lab Sports team has made, and other systems that other users have saved and submitted to the user library, but you’ll also be able to make your own custom betting systems. If you have particular markers that you specifically look for in a game, you can setup all the parameters inside the app and it will alert you when one of the games that night meets your own criteria that you setup.

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Not only will this help you win your betting picks more consistently as you’ll only wager on games with a distinct betting advantage, but it’ll also save you from hours and hours of work put in on the computer and researching online. So many of the professional handicappers and sports bettors spend most of their lives at the computer researching and preparing for the games that it takes away a lot of the enjoyment that comes from winning. Now, with Bet Lab Sports you can setup your systems that you’d like to use, and then just receive alerts whenever one of the games triggers the systems you’ve setup. No more sifting through article after article online looking for the inside piece of information that’s going to help you win big, Bet Lab Sports will do most of the work for you.

In addition to all of the customizable systems that come available for you to use, but the app also allows you to check betting trends and where the big money bettors are putting their wagers. One of the most vital pieces of information for any sports bettor, knowing where the public is putting most of their money, and also knowing where the smart, professional bettors are putting their money can easily be the biggest variable that you need to keep track of. This can be the difference between winning big and going broke.

Common sports bettors aren’t the only ones to use this revolutionary betting and handicapping tool, many professional sports handicappers themselves use this tool as their secret advantage over the sports books. So many handicappers today outsource all the hard work to apps like Bet Lab Sports, and then charge an insane fee just to receive the betting picks that you could be receiving yourself without the pricey middle-man handicapper. The issue is there is a strong bit of instinct and knowledge that is required to win when it comes to sports betting.

With the Supreme Court lifting the federal ban on sports betting earlier this month, many experts expect the already booming sports betting industry to double or even triple within the next few coming years. This is your chance to get your hands on a one-of-a-kind tool that can propel you straight to the winner’s circle and keep you ahead of the curve.

Almost $100 billion is bet on the NFL each season, alone, and there’s plenty of other sports to cash in on throughout the year. Don’t wait for the sports betting rush and get left behind. Many insiders suspect that with the change in the federal law, and a coming explosion in popularity for sports betting that Las Vegas sports book makers may implement further restrictions on the wagering system, to level the playing field. Now is your time to cash in and beat the rush.

Checkout Bet Lab Sports this NFL season and take your winning sports picks to another level. Gain access to all the information that the professional handicappers and bettors use, and turn sports betting into a legit extra source of income for you and your family.

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