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Kyrie Irving finally broke his silence — and essentially confirmed his holdout. The Brooklyn Nets superstar spoke to over 100,000 fans on Instagram Live last night about his decision not to get vaccinated. One day earlier, the team said that he will be sidelined until he’s “eligible” to play — meaning either a vax shot […]

In the middle of Monday Night Football they announced that Jon Gruden resigned as coach of the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday following the discovery of emails he sent between 2011-18 that contained racist, homophobic, and misogynistic language. These emails were ugly and surprising given that an openly gay player play on the Raiders and […]

The analysts are discussing is it as a result of a new president and less political distractions? Jon Price adds in it’s due to Sports Betting Legalization 4 Weeks into the 2021-2022 NFL Season and the networks are happier then ever. Especially as the league is looking to sell off broadcast rights at top dollar […]

As sports betting is going mainstream in America, we’re here to help gamblers and new investors learn how to bet. Here are sports betting tips to use for 2022 as we expect 40 out of 50 states will have some form of legalization by then. 1. Underdogs vs. Favorites The first step in creating a […]

SeventySix Capital the lead investors and sellers of the Vegas Stats and Information network has created a 2nd VC fund that is focusing solely on sports betting and is raising $50 million dollars. Did they call Jon Price to invest? Jon Price said he’s still waiting on the call and is shocked that they haven’t […]

It’s been a great start to the NFL season for Jon Price and the top sports betting analysts in the country. In fact there are only a few sports handicappers that are ahead of him placing him currently at the number 5 handicapper in the entire country in front of Benjamin Klotz of Touchdown Squad […]

We’ve come across a lot of these self proclaimed sports betting kings. While Floyd Mayweather legitimately wagers amounts similar to Jon Price, dropping 100 dimes on a game Instagram stars like Vegas Dave and Mazi Picks are not the real deal according to online reviews and complaints. While he showcases a rented Lamboghini and very […]

After week 1 Sports Info Traders is 5-1 in the Circa Survivor contest where out of the 4,080 entries 675 teams got completely eliminated including 8 teams that didn’t submit any picks at all. 3,397 teams selected winners to survive and move onto the next round while almost 1/6th of the competition was eliminated including […]

Fubo gaming which is a part of the FuboTV brand is expanding their sports betting footprint after seeing increased demand. In quarter 4 to close out the regular NFL and College Football season FUBO will be launching it’s 1st NFL team partnership with the New York Jets, becoming the official sports betting partner of the […]

Sports betting is growing and the availability to download a sports betting application and place wagers is getting easier and easier. Now Caesars Entertainment has launched their mobile app to compete against BetMGM, Fan Duel, & Draft Kings mobile betting platforms in competing states that have legalized mobile sports betting. This new mobile app puts […]

If you want to hammer a few olympic events and make some extra money then here’s your parlay play of the day. Courtesy of Doug and The Rundown the parlay plays are below: Parlay First Leg – 11:00 p.m. ET If this play looks familiar, it’s because we did it Friday. Nevertheless, these are easily […]

Parlay Play of the Day Today for August 2, 2021 First Leg – 7:10 p.m. ET The Mariners were very hot going into last week’s trade deadline… but team morale is low after several players were livid at the decision to trade Kendall Graveman. They’ll be no match for a Rays team that has taken […]

Watching and betting on the Olympics you may be wondering if those gold medals are all gold? Well they’re not but rather gold plated over silver. The Gold medals have approximately 6 grams of gold plating which is equal to 0.211644 ounces of gold. At todays spot price according to of $1,814 that makes […]

Courtesy of Doug and the Rundown sponsored by Draft Kings we have the best Parlay Bets Today for July 29th and July 30th including Olympics, NBA Draft bets, and major league baseball. First Leg – 7:05 p.m. ET Stop us if you’ve heard this before: The Pirates are sellers at the trade deadline. The second […]

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