Posted on August 10, 2019, by Travis Pulver

At one time, whenever the name ‘Antonio Brown’ was brought up, the conversation was about the best wide receivers in the game today. He was, and still could be, the best in the game, so that made sense. But that isn’t the case anymore. Now conversations involving Brown are all about his antics.

His latest has not endeared him to his new team, the Oakland Raiders. But it has spawned a couple of prop bets at one sportsbook. 


They have nothing to do with his bizarre foot injury (?). No, they are all about his rather stubborn stance over his helmet. Yes, his helmet.

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As the story goes, Brown has taken issue with being told that he can no longer wear the helmet that he has worn for years, a Schutt Air Advantage helmet that isn’t even produced anymore. But the league does not allow players to wear helmets that are not certified by the National Operating Committee for Standards and Athletic Equipment.

They don’t certify helmets that are a decade old, like Brown’s.

But a helmet is a pretty unique piece of equipment. When you find one that fits you just right, the last thing you want to do is give it up. But with all the advances in technology and player safety in recent years, you would think players would want the newer models, no matter how well an old helmet fits a player.

It is not a new policy, so Brown can’t be surprised by it. But he is acting like the world is ending—or at least his football career will be if the NFL doesn’t let him wear the helmet of his choice.

Yes, he claims he will quit if he is not allowed to wear the helmet of his choice. Just in case he is serious, has offered a couple of related prop bets:

·        Will A.Brown Wear His Old Helmet Week 1?

o  No         -500

o  Yes        +300

That translates into an 83.33 percent chance that he will not wear it and a 25 percent chance that he will. However, an arbitrator has already heard his case, and a decision is expected by next week. But since it is a safety issue, it will be shocking if he wins the grievance. 

It wouldn’t be shocking if Brown were to defy the NFL and wear it anyway in Week one (if the arbitrator rules against him). But if you think common sense will eventually prevail, then you may want to put some money down on the other prop bet being offered:

·        A.Brown Retire Before Week 1 2019 Reg. Season 

o  No         -700

o  Yes        +400

So, that translates into an 87.5 percent chance that he will not retire before Week One of this season and a twenty percent chance that he will.

If you are going to bet ‘no’ for one, you might as well bet ‘no’ for both; no is the logical choice. While the Raiders have publicly thrown their support behind Brown, they have to be wishing he would grow up a little and just fall in line with the rules.

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