From Rags to Riches Mohammed Ali Rashid Is The World’s Hottest Cricket Player & All Bets Are In For Him To Be The Games Biggest Name This Is The Story of How Ali Rashid Picked up the Best Spinner in the World Label

Becoming the best in anything in cricket is always a topic for debate. With so many great players worldwide, it is hard to pinpoint any particular player and give them that label without any pushback.

Ali Rashid, a consistent leg spinner over the years for his club and national team, is still playing at a very high level. In fact, during the 2020 season, he picked up the label of “Best Spinner in the World.”

What is the origin of this label? It all started with his performance in limited overs cricket, as England’s Moeen Ali, who has served as captain, took note of Rashid’s performance. Playing in the third T20I against Australia, Ali came away amazed by Rashid’s ability to control the entire match.

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Finding a New High Level

Rashid has been an established player for quite some time, and he is still performing at a high level. His dedication to the game and his management of his schedule allows him to bowl well when called upon. He might not be able to bowl quite as much these days, but he still finds ways to produce when his team needs him.

Like in other sports, Rashid is picking the spots as far as when to step up and perform at the highest level. Spreading himself out too much could sacrifice his effectiveness, which is why his numbers are up as a leading wicket-taker. The focus on white-ball cricket has helped tremendously, and Ali thinks this is not just a flash in the pan. In fact, Ali is joined by several others who believe he can sustain this level for a few more years.

Others joining in on the praise

There are others taking note of Rashid’s recent run as a top performer. According to Rob Key, a Sky Sports analyst, he said as recently as 2020 that he is the top spin bowler in the world.

A big reason why is that he has been able to jump up in velocity with his balls. In the past, Rashid would sit around 48 to 50 mph. He has increased about 3 to 5 mph with his spinner and his googly, and the variation of speeds makes it very difficult for anyone to pick up.

The results in recent years certainly back up the claims that he is at least in the discussion as best in the game right now. Even though he has had some shoulder injuries in the past, it seems like he is fully healthy and performing at the highest of levels. His performance at the Ageas Bowl when he helped England wrap up a victory that sealed the victory in the three-match series when people started to notice his bump in level.

Rashid has always been very modest about his play, and although he is starting to get up there in age, he believes strongly in being a smarter and more efficient player overall. Not only is he taking better care of his shoulder, but he has worked on some things to help with more action on the ball, scouting batsmen, and more.

His knowledge about his body and understanding how things are going for him is also part of why he has stayed away from red ball cricket for the most part. Although he would be delighted to play more test cricket, the rigors of putting his shoulder through that much more work is something that he is not sure is a smart move at this stage in his career. They could really hurt his ability to play at a high level with the white ball.

A Look in the Future

Rashid is a crafty player with four different deliveries to count on, featuring a leg break, top spinner, googly, and slider. This allows him to have a chance to be a very productive player for a few more years if everything is managed correctly, since his game does not rely solely on velocity. That means not pushing himself too much with his body, and working off general knowledge of the game.


Ali Rashid Cricket

Although Ali Rashid put his name into the Indian Premier League auction earlier this year, he seems to be pretty focused on playing the game’s shortest format. He has not played in the longest format since the 2019 World Cup, and it is rather difficult to argue with results. There is something to be said for being very good at one version of cricket, and Rashid looks pretty focused on doing exactly that for as long as he can.

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