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The Week 7 NFL schedule has a few intriguing matchups, with most of them taking place in the AFC. The Sunday slate takes to be a good one, although there are a few exciting teams on bye weeks missing in action. Making picks against the spread might be a little easier with a smaller amount […]

After handicapping sports for the last 30 years you will do better than if you are just starting out to wager on your own. When you listen to VSIN they bring on some of the most talented sports broadcasters in the industry. With the sports betting industry booming it’s nice to see other reputable touts […]

The 2021 MLB postseason is well underway, and just four teams remain. Even though the games are limited going forward, there are still plenty of ways to bet on the MLB playoffs and have some fun while doing it. Being smart about wagering money can help people end up on the positive side as well. […]

Having success in sports betting Is a great feeling. Not only is the winning great, but the money is better. However, all it takes is a few bad turns, and everything starts to spiral away if the cold spells are not appropriately handled. What are some of the biggest pitfalls to avoid for people currently […]

Kyrie Irving finally broke his silence — and essentially confirmed his holdout. The Brooklyn Nets superstar spoke to over 100,000 fans on Instagram Live last night about his decision not to get vaccinated. One day earlier, the team said that he will be sidelined until he’s “eligible” to play — meaning either a vax shot […]

Week 6 action in the NFL has a few standout games many are looking at as potential ways to determine the best in 2021. Highlights include two of the best in the AFC facing off in Baltimore, and Arizona putting their undefeated record on the line in Cleveland. This is a look at the Week […]

A matchup between two teams can look a certain way on paper. After examining how they match up on both sides of the ball and even considering home-field advantage, there is one other variable that can impact NFL betting strategy. Weather is always somewhat of a factor in the NFL, since most teams play outdoors. […]

In the middle of Monday Night Football they announced that Jon Gruden resigned as coach of the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday following the discovery of emails he sent between 2011-18 that contained racist, homophobic, and misogynistic language. These emails were ugly and surprising given that an openly gay player play on the Raiders and […]

The 2021 MLB players are underway, and many people are looking at ways to make money during the stretch. There are games virtually every day, and with high stakes attached to them, there figures to be some pretty great action overall. One way to get in on the action is to bet on the number […]

The NFL season marches on for Week 5 action, as plenty of intriguing matches could go either way. Some teams are trying to establish themselves as dominating forces in their division, while others are hoping to keep their playoff hopes alive already this early in the season. Sunday action kicks off with the first international […]

The analysts are discussing is it as a result of a new president and less political distractions? Jon Price adds in it’s due to Sports Betting Legalization 4 Weeks into the 2021-2022 NFL Season and the networks are happier then ever. Especially as the league is looking to sell off broadcast rights at top dollar […]

October always means it’s time for the MLB playoffs to start up. This postseason should be another whirlwind experience, as there were plenty of good teams during the regular season. Before making any type of bets on the action, this is a look at what to expect as the games heat up. There are favorites […]

As sports betting is going mainstream in America, we’re here to help gamblers and new investors learn how to bet. Here are sports betting tips to use for 2022 as we expect 40 out of 50 states will have some form of legalization by then. 1. Underdogs vs. Favorites The first step in creating a […]

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