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So many sports bettors today focus on wagering on the sports and leagues that are familiar to them that they could be missing out on other great betting opportunities beyond the horizons. Whether you’re the kind of bettor who likes to wager on his favorite hometown team, or if you’re the kind of bettor that […]

We had exclusive access today for the biggest boxing event in years. As the event progressed with Logan Paul heckling Floyd Mayweather about whether or not he was reading from a teleprompter and then saying “Oh wait I forgot you can’t read” and touting that Floyd will lose to a youtuber who collects Pokemon cards. […]

College Football takes off for 7 months out of the year and you can see games for 5 months but they are still practicing and working on training year round. The actual college football spring practice schedules vary by team and division. With COVID-19 and schools varying by conference and state regulations this years football […]

The NFL Draft has come and gone. Trevor Lawrence from the Clemson Tigers was the 1st pick of the draft and is heading to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The only player drafted into the NFL this year from the University of Memphis was Kenneth Gainwell. The ex-Memphis Tigers running back was the 5th round pick for […]

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