Posted on July 9, 2019, by Bryan Zarpentine

Boston Red Sox
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With the all-star break upon us and the trade front still quiet, now seems like the perfect time to re-examine each team’s 2019 World Series odds. For some teams, the first half of the season hasn’t exactly gone according to play while other teams have far exceeded preseason expectations. With the season a little past the midway point, let’s check out the odds of the top contenders winning the 2019 World Series.

Dodgers, 13-4

The Dodgers are absolutely crushing it this season, even by their standards. They lead the majors with 60 wins and are coasting to their 7th straight division title. However, while their lineup is loaded with power, selling out for power has caught up with the in the World Series the last two seasons. There are also some questions about their bullpen, so this is far from a slam-dunk despite how much better Los Angeles is than everyone else in the National League.

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Yankees, 19-5

Given all of their injuries, it’s utterly amazing that the Yankees are 26 games over .500 and have a fairly comfortable lead in the AL East. If they are anywhere close to fully healthy in October, they will be scary. However, it’ll be important that they get Luis Severino and Dellin Betances back before the end of the season.

Astros, 9-2

As usual, the Astros shouldn’t have much of a problem winning the AL West. However, their pitching staff isn’t quite as deep as it’s been the past couple of seasons. They’re also waiting on Carlos Correa to come back healthy and complete an otherwise formidable lineup. You get the feeling that Houston will have to make a significant addition at the trade deadline in order to get to the level they were at when they won the World Series in 2017.

Twins, 11-1

The Twins are easily the biggest surprise in baseball this year, and they remain an intriguing dark horse pick. This team can hit, and almost all of their regulars are having strong seasons. The pitching staff isn’t bad either. However, on paper, it still looks like they need to make an acquisition before the trade deadline to get on the same level as the Yankees and Astros.

Braves, 13-1

Despite winning the NL East last year, too many people counted the Braves out heading into 2019. Well, that may have been a mistake. Their youngsters are performing and so are their veterans. Atlanta has also added Dallas Keuchel in the middle of the season and may not be done yet. With a 6-game lead atop the division at the break and last year’s postseason experience under their belt, the Braves are an intriging bet right now.

Cubs, 17-1

Chicago’s record isn’t what it could be, but the Cubs have a roster that could win a championship. They can score runs, they have depth, they have five good starters, and they added Craig Kimbrel to an already strong bullpen. Obviously, winning the NL Central and avoiding the Wild Card Game won’t be easy, but if everything comes together for the Cubs late in the year, don’t rule out another deep playoff run.

Brewers, 22-1

The Brewers look a lot like they did a year ago when they fell one game short of reaching the World Series. The bullpen may not be quite as dominant, but they still have Josh Hader. Milwaukee also has Christian Yelich carrying a lineup that has plenty of other good hitters in it. Like the Cubs, their World Series odds are hurt by the possibility of ending up as a Wild Card team. But the Brewers are not a team you can rule out.

Nationals, 22-1

Noticeably absent from our list are teams like the Red Sox, Rays, Indians, and Phillies, but not the Nationals. A month ago, they looked like they’d be selling at the deadline, but not anymore. To be fair, the bullpen has been a disaster, and that has to change. But the Nationals have put themselves back into the playoff picture behind Anthony Rendon and some of their younger hitters. Perhaps more importantly, if Washington can make it into the playoffs, no team will want to face the trio of Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, and Patrick Corbin, making the Nats a dangerous team if they can make it to October.

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