Posted on June 10, 2018, by Richard Jacobs

With Sports there is always the opportunity for bribery and match fixing. Some sports like Tennis are more vulnerable than Baseball and Soccer but this year we have a scandal and the news desk here at Sports Information Traders is glad to help break the story and tell our readers how they can profit on the 2018 World Cup.

This comes on the heels of the Ghana match fixing investigation that has confirmed that the current monitoring systems put in place by FIFA are not up to par and are not able to stop the temptation of receiving gifts from soccer fans. A recently released documentary from the BBC showcases 96 referees as well as officials allegedly taking bribes. An assistant referee who was going to be officiating this month at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Kenyan referee Aden Range Marwa is the biggest suspect who was filmed unknowingly by an undercover spy accepting a gift of approximately $600. Since the implications in this scandal have come out Marwa has since resigned. A call for comments from the news desk here were not returned.

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The scandal has rocked the Ghana football fans and plunged the soccer loving country into crisis mode. This isn’t an isolated incident however. In May of this year FIFA had to remove an official from Saudi Arabia. Why did they do this? One of their officials, Fahad Al-Mirdasi received a lifetime ban for his gesture in trying to fix a cup match in Saudi Arabia.

2018 World Cup Match Fixing

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So are there more that the public doesn’t know about?

So why is this happening so much and how do we know with a high probability that there are more cases that the public doesn’t know about? The bottom line is risk versus rewards. Premier League has an extremely low rate throughout it’s history and that is because of the overall monitoring by the league and the salaries that the league pays. League officials however receive measly payments in comparison to the players.  Even then they can still bring in 100,000 pounds a year. The bribery has to be worthwhile and cost them their job for the decades that they would be officiating and even then majority will still shy away without a second thought. A 500 pound bribe certainly wouldn’t get the conversation started.
In Africa however they do this as a side job and in the case referenced above it was a school teacher with no monitoring in place. The 2018 World Cup referees are making close to $70,000 and receive a bonus per match of $3,000. Assistant Refs even take home $25,000. So this isn’t enough for a one off experience every four years to stop bribery from happening before the 2018 World Cup.
With the amount of money bet on the World Cup you would want FIFA to increase the pay and have larger bonuses paid out based on their performance and lack of scandals. This will help lower match fixing for World Cup events and matches. We need to weed out corruption and bribery but for those who realize this is very hard to do need to look at the opportunities to bet millions of dollars on these opportunities and how to profit accordingly. Jon Price lays out general betting tips and is a Legend who has made millions wagering on the World Cup in the past.
So how does FIFA plan to stop this? It’s implementing Video Assistant Referees. Also known as VAR. This helps to stop corrupt assistants to affect the outcome of a match. It won’t stop but can help to stop corruption from undermining the integrity of the game. These are all variables we need to look at when figuring out how to beat the oddsmakers.

So if we learn anything learn this. The Italian Calciopoli scandal showed that no soccer league in the world is immune to matchfixing and the 2018 World Cup is no different.

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