16Nov 2020
Sports Investors Weekly Radio Show

Sports Investors Weekly has been an extremely popular show and we’ve been able to help sports bettors make extra money this year with the help of legend Jon Price. He’s been on national CBS Sports Radio with some of the biggest radio hosts in the country. You’ve heard the radio show. Whether it’s live on […]

29Oct 2020
Sure Tips 777 for soccer betting picks

The soccer betting market is larger than ever before and its popularity is expected to continue to explode over the next decade. Millions of sports bettors are making big money cashing in on the weekly international soccer action from around the world. Odds on the GOP to win the electoral college, Odds on Barcelona to […]

22Oct 2020
The Real Tarzann Michael Holston in Mexico

For the vast majority of people, they know of The Real Tarzann Michael Holston from flashy pictures and short videos. The animal activist and handler gained his reputation through social media, and most have only experienced him in quick tidbits. That is about to change now that he has launched his new podcast, titled “Keepin’ […]

15Oct 2020

The NFL has not set up a bubble to keep the players and teams guarded from the risk of COVID-19 during this bizarre year. The NBA Showcased how they can bring a smaller amount of teams and staff to the Walt Disney World bubble but the NFL has opted to do things more normal and […]

15Oct 2020

People might claim that they jump into sports betting for the fun of it, but everyone can agree that winning money, in the long run, is a massive part of making things fun. After all, there is a reason why people visit Sports Information Traders every day looking for leads and tips. A rookie mistake […]

12Oct 2020

Sports are a passion for many, and it is a dream scenario for individuals to start making money by predicting outcomes. It might seem easy at times, but if it were a simple process, more people would be cashing in. There are several keys to increasing the chances of winning in sports gambling, and too […]

10Oct 2020

Now that online sports betting is more openly accepted than ever before, a lot of people are becoming interested in jumping right in. However, something that might seem extremely easy still requires a little bit of knowledge to ensure that the process is enjoyable. It might seem silly to some to research how to place […]

09Oct 2020

This week we present to you the sports announcers and broadcasters for every game that is to take place this Sunday. Please be aware that due to COVID-19 games may be cancelled or rescheduled last minute and announcers may change: Los Angeles Rams at Washington Redskins will be broadcast on FOX 1:00 p.m. – Brandon […]

07Oct 2020
Sports Betting Board at a casino

We have the point spread prognosis here at Sports Information Traders. In the sports betting world where fortunes are made and lost on the quality of betting information you have access to, Joe Gavazzi is one of the leading handicappers in NFL picks, as well as college football betting picks against the spread. Joe has […]

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