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The clash between Serbia and Brazil will be played at the Otkrytiye Arena in Moscow on June 27th. The Brazilians needed more than 90 minutes to finally break the resilient Costa Ricans in the previous game, while Serbia lost in the last minute to Switzerland despite having a lead at halftime. Serbia vs. Brazil Three-Way: […]

The clash between Serbia and Switzerland will be played at Kaliningrad Stadium in Kaliningrad on June 22nd. The Eagles met expectations with a win over Costa Rica, while Switzerland made a surprise with a well-earned draw against the biggest favorite at the World Cup, and this tilt could easily decide who is going to play […]

The clash between Costa Rica and Serbia will be played at the Cosmos Arena in Samara on June 17th. With the top spot in the group reserved for the Brazilians, Serbia will likely battle with Switzerland for the second position that will lead to the Round of 16, but they must not underestimate Costa Rica […]

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