Posted on January 15, 2018, by Bryan Zarpentine

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The NFL season is down to the final four teams. With an upset or two along the way, this isn’t exactly the four teams most people would have envisioned before the playoffs started. Nevertheless, we’ve been treated to an entertaining postseason to this point. There’s also no denying that the four teams still alive deserve to be where they are. Of course, only one team will end up lifting the trophy. Let’s take a look at the odds of each of the four remaining teams lifting the Super Bowl LII trophy.

Patriots, 6-5

The Patriots remain heavy favorites to win yet another Super Bowl. Despite a sluggish start in the Divisional Round, they took care of business against an overmatched Titans team. New England now gets to host the AFC Championship Game, a game they’re playing in for the seventh consecutive year. It goes without saying that experience favors the Patriots compared to the other three teams. They also have Tom Brady and a defense that’s only allowed 20 points or more twice in their last 13 games. There’s not a ton of value in betting on the Patriots, but they remain a safe pick to win Super Bowl LII.

Vikings, 7-4

After so many heartbreaking moments in the playoffs, the Vikings finally received a bit of good fortune with Case Keenum’s pass to Stefon Diggs. Minnesota will now have to play the NFC Championship Game on the road, although they will be favored away from home. However, if they can beat the Eagles, the Vikings will become the first team to play a Super Bowl on their home field. Such a scenario could swing the odds in Minnesota’s favor. A team with a defense as good as Minnesota’s playing the Super Bowl at home is quite enticing, so their Super Bowl odds remain high.

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Eagles, 7-1

Philadelphia definitely proved a few people wrong over the weekend. Fueled by the fact that they were underdogs despite playing at home and being the no. 1 seed, the Eagles knocked off the Falcons in a defensive slugfest. Of course, there are people who still doubt that Nick Foles can lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl. But he played well and avoided critical errors against a solid Atlanta defense. After a rough finish to the regular season, that definitely created some optimism about what the team can accomplish with Foles at quarterback. The Eagles also have a strong defense that they can lean on to help out Foles and the offense. More importantly, the Eagles remain underdogs, which should continue to provide the motivation they need to keep winning.

Jaguars, 8-1

To no one’s surprise, the Jaguars have the longest odds heading into Championship Sunday. However, they did go on the road and beat the Steelers last weekend. Every time the Steelers made a push to get back in the game, the Jaguars had an answer to extend their lead after jumping ahead 21-0. If nothing else, they are a team that believes in itself. Of course, there are many people who still don’t believe that a team can win a Super Bowl with Blake Bortles. But he’s played two playoff games without turning the ball over, leaving the heavy lifting to the defense and running game. Obviously, that’s not an ideal way to win a championship. However, keep in mind that teams have won the Super Bowl with a similar formula. The odds are long, as they should be, but no one should be counting the Jaguars out.

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