Posted on August 17, 2018, by Travis Pulver

Super Bowl rematches are always a lot of fun to watch; even during the preseason. Even if the game doesn’t matter and no one cares who wins, the team that lost the Super Bowl is going to be out for blood. In the back of their minds, they are going to want revenge.

It wasn’t readily apparent if anyone from the Patriots was thinking revenge Thursday night when they took on the Eagles. But when the game was done, they were probably smiling a little bit more than usual.

Via @eaglesnewsfeed

However, while both coaches saw things they had to like, there were things not to like as well—like injuries:

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  • Nick Foles didn’t look great when he was in the game (3-9 or 44 yards). But losing him to a shoulder injury was the last thing they needed to happen. The word has been good on Carson Went but they really don’t want to play him before they are 100 percent sure he’s ready.

“I was getting ready to throw a deep ball and a guy grabbed it as I was following through,” Foles said after the game. “It feels all right. It feels pretty good. Hopefully, there’s no issues.”

  • The Nate Sudfeld Show: If the Eagles are forced to roll with Nate Sudfeld, based off his performance Thursday night, they would be in great shape (22-39 for 312 yards, three touchdowns, and an interception). He played in one game for the Eagles last year; while he wasn’t terrible, he wasn’t good either (19-23 for 134 yards).
  • It will be interesting to see if the Eagles bring in any free agent QBs next week. If they aren’t confident Foles or Carson Wentz will be ready for Week One, they may have no choice.
  • Tom Brady, on the other hand, looked ready to win the Super Bowl (19-26 for 172 yards and two touchdowns) in one half of play. But they may want to bring in a free agent QB or two. If Brady goes down, they’ll be stuck with Brian Hoyer (5-13 for 32 yards and a touchdown) or rookie Danny Etling (0-1; two carries for seven yards).

“It’s the first time having to do that in about six months,” Brady said after the game. “I feel like my timing could be better in certain areas. I’ve been doing this or a long time, so a lot of it is second nature at this point.”

  • James White looks like he’s ready to fill the shoes vacated by Dion Lewis. He did a good job on the few carries he got (four carries for 31 yards) but did more damage in the passing game (six receptions for 61 yards and a touchdown).
  • Isaiah Wynn was filling in for the injured Marcus Cannon but it now looks like the Patriots may be in the market for a tackle. Wynn left the game with an ankle injury. As it turns out—torn Achilles. He’s out for the season.
  • Bill Belichick has a knack for taking guys no one else could get to blossom and turning them into stars. It’s too early to say that Cordarelle Patterson is going to be a star. But his talent was apparent Thursday night (four receptions for 51 yards and a touchdown).
  • The Eagles are going to run a lot of two tight end sets this season. They already have one of the best veteran tight ends in the league in Zach Ertz. Rookie Dallas Goedert doesn’t look half bad either (three receptions for 57 yards).
  • For those that keep score, the Patriots won, 37-20.


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