In the world of sports betting and handicapping, there’s only an estimated 5% of bettors that are consistently successful in their wagers enough to make a living from their talent. One such bettor is Mike Brenner, a famous sports bettor and handicapper who now resides in Costa Rica, and provides sports betting information to thousands of people around the world.

Brenner is 52 years old and has only been a professional sports handicapper for the last 10 years, however, he’s no stranger to the sports books or sports betting since he’s been a professional bettor for the majority of his adult life.

Brenner recognized his distinct ability to pick winning sports picks against the spread straight out of high school. Instead of pursuing college after high school, Brenner chose to follow his passion for sports betting and he was rewarded greatly for his calculated risk.

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Over the last 30+ years, Brenner is estimated to have won in the 8-figure range of profits from gambling on sports. One of the major keys to his success is that Brenner has used a formula to make his picks. The four principles of his winning formula are: Research, Rules, Movement, and Instincts. Brenner runs every play through his successful formula, where he decides if it’s a play with a distinct and significant chance of covering.

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Many handicappers prefer to rate their plays and adjust their wagers accordingly to the grade they give a play. Brenner operates a little differently in the sense that he simply has two grades for a play: It’s either a top play or no play at all. He’s a very opportunistic sports bettor, preferring to pick his spots to make very large wagers, as opposed to spreading out his action with smaller wagers on more games. Limiting the numbers of wagers he makes on a daily basis greatly improves the odds of coming out in the green, but it takes the kind of discipline that usually only professional bettors have.

After decades of extraordinary success making his own wagers on sports games against the spread and the total, Brenner decided to share his talents with the common gambler when he opened Mike Brenner Sports Picks 10 years ago. Since then Brenner’s popularity has taken off and he’s quickly gained national acclaim from his winning picks

Another key to Brenner’s successful sports wagering and handicapping is his keen eye for spotting first half plays. In addition to playing a healthy amount of full game spreads, Brenner has grown to be one of the greatest first half bettors of all time. What Warren Buffett was to penny stocks decades ago, that’s what Brenner is to first half wagers against the spread. He hits at around an impressive 65%, and he boasts a solid all-around winning record in all four major American sports leagues, as well as their college counterparts.

If you’re looking for a safe, extra source of income, or are currently in the market for a new handicapper to help you win big this NFL season, professional bettor Mike Brenner from Brenner Sports Picks may be exactly what your bankroll needs.

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