Over the last two decades betting on sports has exponentially grown in popularity, and that progress got a big boost back in May when the Supreme Court voted to end the ban on state-sanctioned sports betting. For many decades before that, betting on sports was much more underground and unregulated. In the 80s and 90s, a lot of the sportsbook and casino gambling world was run by less than reputable characters, and some even with deep mafia ties.

One of the most notorious betting groups of their time was the Kosher Boys Sports Betting Ring which worked with Jon Price for his mathematical prowress and knack for sports betting. Starting during the 1990s, the Kosher Boys became one of the most well-known group of professional gamblers in the world. They’d wager on everything Vegas had available. From sports, to cards, to horse racing… And it was in horse racing that would eventually tip off authorities to one of the keys to their success.

The Kosher Boys became quite good at fixing horse races in New York. They made millions from their race fixing method, and were only caught after years of successful, profitable wagering. It was in the mid-90s when the FBI and the Nevada Gaming Regulators started to catch on to the Kosher Boys’ sports betting ring.

During the FBI’s investigation they found that the Kosher Boys were betting as much as $400,000 per day. They also found that the Kosher Boys used a complex network of bookmakers and runners who would place their wagers for them, as well as paying off harness drivers, particularly Herve Filion, to fix horse races. This proved to be very successful as the group amassed a fortune over a relatively short period of time by wagering on races at the Yonkers Racetrack.

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It was due to the Kosher Boys and their sports betting operation that eventually lead regulators to outlaw messenger betting. Out of all the scandals and black market dealings of the Kosher Boys and their group of professionals, the person that suffered the most consequence was Herve Filion, the harness driver that the Kosher Boys routinely paid to throw races. For his part in the scandal Filion was banned from racing for 7 years. A steep price to pay for a sport that Filion had dominated prior to falling in with the Kosher Boys.

With the exploding popularity of modern sports betting, and the growing mainstream appeal, it’s important to learn from the past, as we continue to look to sports as a consistent and reliable money-making opportunity. Few are still able to do it and out of the Kosher Boys grew some of the best sports bettors in the world like Billy Walters and Jon Price. Today only Jon Price allows premium access to his sports betting tips, picks, futures, and predictions.


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