Super Bowl

It’s almost time for Super Bowl LIII, and you may be going all out this year. Not only have you decided to invite family, friends, and co-workers over to enjoy the game on your 52+ inch television, but your snacks galore, and have already set up to have 10 large pizzas delivered minutes before kickoff. You are all set.

Everyone loves the Super Bowl, but when the game is a bust it can quickly take the luster off your Super Bowl party. While the last few years have had competitive games, there is still a rather long record of games that were virtually over by halftime. Now what do you do?

The Perfect Way to Keep Them Interested

No matter what the score is, there is a way that you can keep everyone watching. What you should do is setup a Super Bowl squares board to allow everyone to have a chance to win a little money before they go home, no matter who wins the Super Bowl.

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Setting up one of these boards is really not that hard. Before everyone arrives, buy yourself a huge poster board that you can put on your wall. Next, draw yourself a large chart that has 10 columns and 10 rows. You need to create 100 squares that are large enough for you to be able to write names or initials of the people at your party.

Across the top, write “PATRIOTS,” and down the left side write “RAMS,” both in big letters. These names should be written do they do not obstruct the 100 squares you drew in any way, making them maybe an inch away from the grid.

Across the top but below the PATRIOTS, right the numbers 0-9, with a single number going over the top of each column. Do the same down the side, matching a number with each row.

You are going to give your guests the chance to earn some money based up the score after each quarter and at the end of the game, but before inviting your guests to play, you need to decide how much money will be made. So, you can either sell each square for $1 apiece, for $10 apiece, or whatever value you choose. For the sake of this article, we will set the value at $1 a square.

Filling the Board

Now that you have the setup completed, it is time for the next step – assigning the squares. You want to be fair about this, as a person who had 3, 7, or 0 is likely to have much better odds of winning money simply because of the scoring system in football.

To make it fair, the way to go is to have a drawing for squares. Begin by having each person pay for the number of squares they want. If a person buys $10 worth (in our scenario), they would be buying 10 squares. Have them write their name on 10 different cards and, after you have sold all 100 slots, put the cards in a box or hat.

Fill each square in the chart by drawing one card at a time. Obviously, the more squares a person buys, the better their chances of winning. However, each person will have a fair chance at the best numbers by doing it this way.

How They Win

How a person wins is fairly simple. At the end of each quarter you award a prize to the person who has the last number that corresponds to the score at the end of that frame. For example, if the Patriots are leading 10-3 at the end of the first quarter, the person who had 0 for the Patriots and 3 for the Rams would win. If it is 13-3 at the end, the person who had 3 for both teams would win. It is really that simple.

To make it more interesting, give 20 percent of the overall money to the persons who had the right numbers at the end of the first and third quarters ($20 in our scenario), 25 percent to the winner at half, and the rest to the winning numbers at the end of the game. However, you can break it up to 25 percent for each quarter or choose anyway that works for you. After all, it is your game.

This a great way to keep people involved in the game, which will keep them at your party. The last thing you want is 50 slices of pizza and eight pounds of taco dip at the end of the night. A great game of Super Bowl squares can keep them from happening, and make the Super Bowl your chance to be a winner as well.

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