Posted on July 25, 2017, by Travis Pulver

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys are accustomed to hearing about every little thing a member of their team does. They hear about every arrest and every silly comment that comes from the mouth and mind of Jerry Jones. It’s a good thing they are used to the never-ending flood of negativity. Otherwise, it would be enough to drive some crazy.

But every so often there is a day where something negative or stupid isn’t the lead story. Occasionally, fans actually get some good news about their team. Tuesday happened to be one of those days.

Via @VoiceOfTheStar

Now, to be fair, there was some stupid, silliness as well. As it turns out, in their desire to look tough when it comes to character issues the Cowboys screwed up. They released wide receiver Lucky Whitehead after reports surfaced that he had a warrant out for his arrest. It appeared that he had been busted shoplifting and then skipped his trial date.

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Whitehead professed his innocence, but the team didn’t believe him—so they cut him. As it turns out, he was telling the truth.

Jones became emotional talking to the media after practice when pressed about Whitehead. He ended up cutting his time off after making a statement defending the move.

“So, when we do make a decision around here that’s in the best interest of the team to move on, there’s one thing you can forget about and that is whether you’re being fair or whether you’ve given it consideration of what it means to the individual,” Jones said (via SportsDay). “That doesn’t happen around here.

That didn’t look too good, but it wasn’t the only news of the day. Offensive lineman La’el Collins signed a two-year, $17.4 million contract extension. The deal included a $4 million signing bonus and $9.5 million guaranteed.

Collins was expected to be a mid-first round pick in 2015, but in the days before the draft, he was questioned by police in connection with the murder of a 29-year old pregnant woman. His stock plummeted. In the late rounds of the draft, his people told teams not to pick. At that point, it was more important to be able to pick where he went.

The Dallas Cowboys signed him to a three-year, $1.5 million contract (fully guaranteed). Two years later, as he prepares to enter his first training camp as the starter, his extension brings his earnings up to where they would have been had he been drafted early in the first round as expected.

But that wasn’t the best news of the day for the Cowboys. With the defense facing some stiff challenges all season long, the last thing the unit needed was for rookie cornerback Jourdan Lewis to possibly face a suspension. Had he been convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, he likely would have faced punishment by the league.

Via @zesty_cowboys

The jury only needed an hour to decide that being struck with a pillow did not qualify as domestic violence (h/t PFT). Lewis had to miss the start of training camp because of the trial, but he’ll be heading to Oxnard, California, now that the trial has concluded.

In the end, when they tried to look tough, the Cowboys screwed up. But while Whitehead was essentially screwed over, Collins was given his due and Lewis was vindicated. It wasn’t a perfect day, but it wasn’t a bad one, either.

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